Glycan Array

Product Description

Glycan Arrays are ideal for high throughput analysis of glycan-macromolecule binding  studies.

S-BIO’s glycan arrays are superior in their performance due to the unique surface coating of a ultrahydrophilic polymer and active surface chemistry which  

  • reduces non-specific binding  and 
  • increases the signal/noise ratio     



Standard and Customized glycan arrays are available for: 

  • Antibody and lectin epitope analysis
  • Infectious disease, Microorganism, Vaccine
  • Drug discovery
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Diagnostics
  • Others

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  • Mechanism of infection diseases
  • Interaction analysis of glycan-binding proteins
  • Therapeutic development
  • Drug discovery

Our unique technology of Glycan immobilizing method:

By reducing the end of the glycan it is covalently immobilized on the plastic substrate.



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Publications List

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Glycan Array


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Type I: 28 glycans1 Slide$600.00#BS-X1731Z
Type I: 28 glycans4 Slides$2,200.00#BS-X1732Z
Type I: 28 glycans8 Slides$4,000.00#BS-X1733Z
Type II: 24 ganglioside glycans1 Slide$600.00#BS-X1714Z
Type II: 24 ganglioside glycans4 Slides$2,200.00#BS-X1715Z
Type II: 24 ganglioside glycans8 Slides$4,000.00#BS-X1716Z
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