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FAQs 2016-11-09T04:41:34+00:00
What is sterilization method of plastic products? How long until expiration? 2015-06-17T22:17:45+00:00

We are using Radiation Sterilization after packaging our products. Expiration date is indicated on products packaging. Those without indication can be used for 2 to 3 years after production.

How to change medium of cell spheroid ? 2015-01-08T23:01:46+00:00

We recommend that you change half volume of the medium by using micropipette gently. Notice the non-adhesion spheroid may be removed when changing medium. Please do not set the pipette tips close to spheroid in medium. Slowly aspirate is highly recommended.

How long is X-ray sterilization effective? 2014-11-11T01:19:12+00:00

We are doing X-ray sterilization after packaging our products. Generally, plastic products may be deteriorated after X-ray sterilization. Our products can be used until their expiry date, but those without their expiry date indicated can be used for 2 to 3 years after production.

Where can I buy S-BIO® and SUMILON® products? 2015-05-31T20:40:27+00:00

Please contact us by telephone or email.

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