S-BIO specializes in providing high-performance labware: Quality 3D Cell Culture products for Cancer Spheroid Culturing and Regenerative Medicine, Low Bind products essential for Proteins, Peptides and Cell recovery and High throughput Kits and Services for N-glycan and O-glycan analysis.

S-BIO provides superior quality 3D cell culture plates with a variety of well shapes to enable spheroid culturing of your specific cell type.

S-BIO provides exceptional quality low binding labware for sample recovery by preventing protein, peptide and compound loss due to non-specific binding to plastic surface.

S-BIO offers a wide range of solutions for glycomics study including biomarker discovery and characterization of antibody drugs & glycoproteins.

S-BIO is a brand for life science products provided by Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.


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Introducing SUMILON® SuperQuality™ Labware Series for Cell Therapy Products.


Sumilon SuperQuality Labwares for Cell Therapy ProductsSumilon SuperQuality Labware for Cell Therapy Products

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Customer Testimonials

At University of Michigan, our lab relies on ultra-low attachment plates for high-throughput drug screening of cell lines and patient-derived organoids in 3D culture.  S-Bio’s PrimeSurface® product line features the only white ultra-low attachment plates on the market. These plates offer superior signal when measuring viability via luminescence and allow us to collect exceptional data with less material compared to any other plates on the market.

Dr. Nathan Merrill, Research Investigator, Internal Medicine-Hematology/Oncology, University of Michigan.

We routinely assess drug-drug synergy across large dose ranges in 3D spheroid cultured cancer cells.  SBio’s PrimeSurface White 384-well plates allow us to perform these luminescence experiments on a single plate, and have both dramatically increased our throughput and reduced variability between experiments

Rob Kortum, M.D., Ph.D. , Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Best

We use PrimeSurface 384 well white plates (MS384WZ) for drug screening.  The organoids grow well in these plates and the ATPase assay can be done very easily without additional transfer step. These plates are fantastic!

Anil Belur Nagaraj, Mayo Clinic

We have used Corning Ultra-low Attachment Plate to test new compounds in Drug Discovery. S-BIO PrimeSurface® spheroid 96 U bottom plates showed outstanding testing results highly comparable to Corning plates in 3D Cell Titer Glo® luminescence assays. We highly recommend PrimeSurface® (MS-9096WZ) spheroid ULA plates for Drug Discovery

Dr. Sangyub Kim, Zentalis Pharmaceuticals

We’ve used the S-BIO PrimeSurface spheroid 96 V bottom plates in formation of brain organoids.  PrimeSurface (MS9096VZ) plates were an essential component for aggregation of stem cells into embryoid bodies to initiate organoid development.

Rami Tshuva , Weizmann Institute of Science

S-BIO’s EZGlyco™ mAb-N Kit with 2-AB makes preparing IgG glycans for HPLC analysis easy. The preparation time was streamlined from two days to two hours. Most importantly, the HPLC histograms generated from the kit looked exactly as they should.

Maya Kitaoka and Robert Anthony, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

“We are developing image analysis technologies for multiple types of cancer spheroids.  PrimeSurface U-bottom microplate shows low fluorescence background, which helps us gain high signal to noise ratio in spheroid images to realize quantitative image analysis. Also, Some cancer cell lines which did not aggregate as spheroids by other company products, successfully formed uniform spheroids in S-bio plates. S-bio plates are an essential tool in our routine spheroid culture work.”

Kazuhito Goda, Olympus Corporation

Working with an unusual O-glycan modification on a bacterial protein we needed a chemical method to determine how complex our glycan was.  The kit worked extremely well for us for the two modified proteins we analyzed

Dr. Warren Wakarchuk, University of Alberta, GlycoNet
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