EZGlyco® O-Glycan Prep Kit for O-Glycan Analysis


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EZGlyco® O-Glycan Prep Kit provides a streamlined, rapid and reliable O-glycan sample preparation. The complete kit includes all reagents to release, enrich, label and purify O-glycans for HPLC and LC-MS analysis. The kit adopts a unique O-glycan releasing method “Eliminative Oximation” using a high reactive amine and an organic superbase, which yields high recovery and less degradation (peeling) of released O-glycans. Applications include characterization of O-glycosylation of recombinant glycoproteins in upstream R&D, quality control and process control. It is also suited for O-glycan biomarker discovery in biological samples such as mucins, serum and exosome, and O-glycan analysis of functional foods such as dairy products.
O-Glycan Kit Workflow

Customer Testimonials

O-linked Glycan can be separated quickly, conveniently, and effectively identified.


This kit can quickly and efficiently extract O-linked Glycan within one day, and the proportion of by-products is low.

Jecho Biopharmaceuticals, Jecho Biopharmaceuticals

The operation is more convenient, and the protocol can be completed within 5 hours. Compared with other kits, there are fewer by-products

Alphamab Oncology

The O-glycan kit provided us with a straightforward and rapid workflow to profile O-glycans form isolated glycoproteins as well as from more complex samples.

Dr. Noortje de Haan, University of Copenhagen

This O-linked Glycan kit is very convenient to use, and the operation is simpler than the previous first version. It can conveniently and quickly separate the O-linked Glycan and get effective identification.

Chia Tai TianQing Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd

Working with an unusual O-glycan modification on a bacterial protein we needed a chemical method to determine how complex our glycan was.  The kit worked extremely well for us for the two modified proteins we analyzed

Dr. Warren Wakarchuk, University of Alberta, GlycoNet

I used EZGlyco® O-Glycan Prep Kit for O-glycan sample prep of fusion protein and found it to be highly sensitive in UPLC analysis. The chromatogram was comparable to hydrazinolysis method with the added advantage of good repeatability. Typically, it takes me 1 day or more for O-glycan sample preparation using traditional kits, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quick 5 hr method with this kit.

Senior Research Scientist, FivePrime Therapeutics

S-BIO’s EZGlyco® O-Glycan Prep Kit allows for relatively quick and reliable O-glycan analysis in support of ongoing BioPharma projects.

Jason Koch, Senior Analytical Scientist, A global animal health pharmaceutical company

O-Glycan Sample Prep in 5 hours

O-Glycan sample preparation is completed in 5 hours with its unique O-glycan releasing reagents. Thus, HPLC/LC-MS analysis is achieved on the same day.

High Recovery

A combination of the unique O-glycan releasing reagent and the new O-Glycan Capturing Beads enables high recovery of released O-glycans from various glycoproteins.

Minimize “Peeling”

Glycan releasing reagents minimize decomposition of O-glycans (peeling), resulting in O-glycan characterization with higher accuracy.

Easy and Safe Operation

With a simple protocol to follow, O-glycan sample preparation is completed without any special laboratory equipment and toxic reagents.

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EZGlyco O-Glycan Prep Kit

EZGlyco® O-Glycan
Prep Kit Components

  • Protocol
  • Glycan Release Reagent A
  • Glycan Release Reagent B
  • Glycan Capturing Beads
  • Filter Column
  • 2-Aminobezamide
  • Reducing Reagent
  • Cleanup Column

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