Glycan Analysis

Glycan Analysis Kits

S-BIO specializes in offering products for glycobiology and glycomic research, in biotherapeutics and biomarker discovery. S-BIO products include Analysis Kits for rapid and efficient N-linked glycans and O-linked glycan characterization in antibodies and glycoproteins.

  • BlotGlyco® Beads: Polymer beads are densely covered with hydrazide groups to facilitate glycan capture
    • BlotGlyco® is a sample preparation kit for glycan analysis of biological samples.
    • Using this kit will purify and label glycans from the crude samples such as glycoprotein, serum, cell, organ, plant tissue and so on. The label is selectable depending on detection methods including HPLC, LC-MS, MALDI-TOF MS and so on.
    • BlotGlyco® beads are coated with dense hydrazide functional groups, which enable specific binding with aldehyde groups at the reducing end of glycan. The hydrazide groups on the beads form stable covalent bond with aldehyde; therefore, it allows the vigorous washing steps to eliminate peptide and other impurities.
    • BlotGlyco® kit is a useful tool for isolating glycans from the variety of biological samples, selectively and comprehensively.
  • The EZGlyco™ mAb-N Kit with 2-AB is a complete kit which includes the enzyme, reagents, and accessories necessary for completion of HPLC-ready N-glycan preparation in less than 2 hours of handling time. It also provides traditional 2-aminobenzamide labeling designed with a non-toxic reductant.
  • EZGlyco™ O-Glycan Prep Kit provides a streamlined, rapid and reliable O-glycan sample preparation. The complete kit includes all reagents to release, enrich, label and purify O-glycans for HPLC and LC-MS analysis. The kit adopts a unique O-glycan releasing method using a high reactive amine and an organic superbase, which yields high recovery and less degradation (peeling) of released O-glycans. Applications include characterization of O-glycosylation of recombinant glycoproteins in upstream R&D, quality control and process control. It is also suited for O-glycan biomarker discovery in biological samples such as mucins, serum and exosome, and O-glycan analysis of functional foods such as dairy products.