EZGlyco™ O-Glycan Prep Kit


EZGlyco™ O-Glycan Prep Kit provides a streamlined, rapid and reliable O-glycan sample preparation. The complete kit includes all reagents to release, enrich, label and purify O-glycans for HPLC and LC-MS analysis. The kit adopts a unique O-glycan releasing method using a high reactive amine and an organic superbase, which yields high recovery and less degradation (peeling) of released O-glycans. Applications include characterization of O-glycosylation of recombinant glycoproteins in upstream R&D, quality control and process control. It is also suited for O-glycan biomarker discovery in biological samples such as mucins, serum and exosome, and O-glycan analysis of functional foods such as dairy products.

Product Description

EZGlyco® O-Glycan
Prep Kit Components

  • Protocol
  • Glycan Release Reagent A
  • Glycan Release Reagent B
  • Glycan Capturing Beads
  • Filter Column
  • 2-Aminobezamide
  • Reducing Reagent
  • Cleanup Column

Product & Ordering Information

Product Name: EZGlyco® O-Glycan Prep Kit
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Content: For 10 Tests

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