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PrimeSurface® 3D Culture Spheroid White Plates

Product Description


Chemiluminescent assays often outperform analogous fluorescent assays due to its’ low background offering a high signal to noise ratio, thus providing higher assay sensitivity.

Spheroid tumor cells are typically generated using ULA plates and other 3D cell culturing methods, however transferring them without damaging the spheroids to a 2D white plate for luminescent assay screening can be challenging.  Using PrimeSurface® 96 and 384 well ULA white plates, cancer spheroid cells can be formed and analyzed in the same multiwell plate for luminescence assays.

S-BIO PrimeSurface Spheroid forming 384well White plate for luminescent assay

PrimeSurface® 3D Culture Spheroid White Plates


FormatVolumePriceAdd to Cart
384U White Plate0.1mL$625.00
96U White Plate0.3mL$400.00