• We can provide various types of custom microarray made with our original plastic substrate.
  • Using our original substrate treated with unique polymer material, non-specific binding of biomolecules onto the surface is drastically prevented.
  • Several types of polymer coated slides are available, and we can design new material with the needs of customers.
  • Designed polymer materials are applicable to the
Cross Section Diagram of the Substrate

Cross-section diagram of the substrate

  • Special surface treatment technology enables to:
    • prevent non-specific adsorption drastically (High Signal / Noise ratio)
    • reliable immobilization of biomolecules (DNA, protein, glycan, etc.)
    • sustain the functions and activation of immobilized biomolecules
  • Our plastic processing technology can provide various types of formats according the needs of customers
  • DNA microarray for analysis of gene expression
  • Protein/peptide microarray for quantitation of targeted protein, for analysis of molecular interaction, for epitope screening, etc.
  • Glycan microarray for investigating of infectious diseases(discovery of glycan structure recognized with virus, bacteria, toxin, etc), for biomarker discovery, etc.
Quantitation of targeted protein(Cytokines in human serum/plasma)



Glycan Array for evaluation of binding specificity of cholera toxin