EZGlyco™ mAb-N Kit with 2-AB

Streamlined and rapid N-glycan preparation from IgG

When Time Matters, CHOOSE EZGLYCO™.

HPLC-ready glycan preparation in less than 2 hours, allowing you to purify IgG from cell culture supernatant and release and label N-glycans in one complete kit.


EZGlyco™ mAb-N Kit with 2-AB streamlined and rapid N-glycan preparation from IgG cell culture supernatant provides unmatched speed, ease of use, and compatibility with HPLC.

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The EZGlyco™ mAb-N Kit with 2-AB is an innovative product that streamlines N-Glycan sample preparation from IgG in cell culture media, such as cell culture supernatant and biological fluids, through accelerated deglycosylation and fluorescent labeling reactions in a single column.

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EZGlyco™ mAb-N Kit with 2-AB
Cat. No. BS-X4410Z
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What you get with EZGlyco™.


Antibody Capturing Column (Qty 10)

Antibody Capturing Solution (Qty 1)

Washing Buffer (Qty 1)

Glycan Release Enhancer (Qty 1)

PNGase F Solution (Qty 1)

2-Aminobenzamide (Qty 3)

Reducing Reagent (Qty 3)

Cleanup Column (Qty 10)

Silicone Bottom Cap (Qty 10)

Instruction (Qty 1)

Additional Required Reagents

Milli-Q® grade water


Acetic acid

Dimethyl sulfoxide

Additional Required Consumables

2.0-mL microcentrifuge tubes

1.5-mL microcentrifuge tubes

Additional Required Equipment

Centrifuge for sample tubes

Heat block

What Our Customers Are Saying

"S-BIO’s EZGlyco™ mAb-N Kit with 2-AB makes preparing IgG glycans for HPLC analysis easy. The preparation time was streamlined from two days to two hours. Most importantly, the HPLC histograms generated from the kit looked exactly as they should."

Maya Kitaoka and Robert Anthony
Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School