S-BIO specializes in the rapid and efficient analysis of both N-linked and O-linked glycans present on antibodies and other glycoproteins. Our proprietary GlycanMap® and GlycanMap Xpress® Services that combines BlotGlyco® bead-based glycan purification in a fully automated sample processing system with high throughput MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry to generate rapid, reproducible glycan profiles. The resulting qualitative and quantitative information can be employed to achieve a variety of endpoints related to strain selection, fermentation and process development, formulation stability and product characterization. S-BIO’s services provide a new solution to accelerate your biotherapeutic development and biomarker discovery programs by enabling rapid glycoform analysis across literally hundreds of samples.

Glycan Analytical Services

  • Automated, 96-well process to enable rapid testing of large sample batches
  • Mass-spec based glycan identification of N– and O-linked glycans
  • Two assay versions to meet your needs:
    • Full service GlycanMap® assay
    • New GlycanMap® Xpress™ assay for cost-effective, N-glycan analysis

Biomarker Discovery

S-BIO is dedicated to advancing glycomics to enable innovations in disease diagnosis and therapy. S-BIO’s proprietary GlycanMap® platform introduces a new dimension to biomarker research by enabling glycomics research on a scale comparable to genomics and proteomics. S-BIO’s glycomics capabilities range from biomarker discovery and characterization to diagnostic development and commercialization.

Glycan Analysis Capabilities

  • GlycanMap® Platform
  • Glycoblotting
  • Automated Processing
  • Proprietary Quantitative Mass Spectrometry and Bioinformatics
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