Biomarker Research

Enabling exploration of the largely uncharted human glycome

S-BIO is dedicated to advancing glycomics to enable innovations in disease diagnosis and therapy. S-BIO’s proprietary GlycanMap® platform introduces a new dimension to biomarker research by enabling glycomics research on a scale comparable to genomics and proteomics. S-BIO’s glycomics capabilities range from biomarker discovery and characterization to diagnostic development and commercialization.

Biomark Research

Understanding how glycan structures change when cells are exposed to disease or a therapeutic agent opens new doors to:

  • Disease diagnosis and prognosis
  • Companion diagnosis
  • Assessment of drug efficacy and safety
  • Clinical and surrogate markers
  • Understanding disease and drug mechanisms

S-BIO is leveraging the GlycanMap® platform, along with our full suite of glycan and protein analysis technologies, to support biomarker discovery and development programs across a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas.

Our biomarker research capabilities include identification of:

  • Changes in post-translational modification (glycosylation patterns) of proteins
  • Glycan profiles across various complex biological samples, including serum/plasma, CSF, tissues, tumors, and cell extracts
  • Novel glycan markers that correlate with disease or drug response
  • Novel therapeutic targets, therapeutic entities and vaccine targets

Download: Overview of Biomarker Discovery Services

In addition to our core GlycanMap® technology, S-BIO also has a full suite of protein characterization and assay development capabilities to facilitate translation of novel glycan biomarkers to routine research or clinical assays.

Your Next Step

We will be happy to discuss your individual research needs and explore how our platform can help advance biomarker research & development for your program. Contact S-BIO today to get started.