Analytical Services To Support Bioprocessing

High-throughput, quantitative analysis of protein glycoforms


Why Outsource to S-BIO?

S-BIO specializes in the rapid and efficient analysis of both N-linked and O-linked glycans present on antibodies and other glycoproteins. Our proprietary GlycanMap® platform combines a bead-based glycan purification in a fully automated sample processing system with high throughput MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry to generate rapid, reproducible glycan profiles. The resulting qualitative and quantitative information can be employed to achieve a variety of endpoints related to strain selection, fermentation and process development, formulation stability and product characterization.

S-BIO’s services provide a new solution to accelerate your biotherapeutic development programs by enabling rapid glycoform analysis across literally hundreds of samples. S-BIO’s GlycanMap® technology provides:

  • Fully automated 96-well format sample processing to maximize throughput and repeatability
  • High-resolution mass spec data to resolve glycan species and facilitate accurate identification of sugar composition
  • Absolute quantitation of glycans, including low abundance species
  • Simultaneous quantitation of both neutral and acidic oligosaccharides, including sialic acids
  • Detection of glycan modifications, such as O-acetylation, sulfation, and phosphorylation

GlycanMap Xpress® Assay:

  • A streamlined version of our GlycanMap® assay – optimized for screening N-glycans in large sample batches during cell line selection, upstream and downstream process development
  • Compatible with MAbs and other glycoproteins, either in purified form or in serum-free media
  • Suitable for glycoform analysis in all mammalian systems and in engineered systems producing PNGase F susceptible glycans
  • Automated report with glycan composition and quantity (in µM) for glycans comprising > 0.5% of total glycan

Download: Overview of GlycanMap Xpress® Services

GlycanMap Xpress for Bioprocessing overview

In addition to the GlycanMap® technology, S-BIO provides follow-up analyses customized to your needs utilizing our experienced staff, well-equipped laboratories and a full suite of glycan analysis techniques.