SUMILON™ SuperQuality® Labware Series for Cell Therapy products

Exclusively manufactured to mitigate particulate impurities from plasticware for Cell Therapy production.

The presence of particulates in cell therapy products represents a quality challenge and may pose a safety concern.  S-BIO recognizes the potential risk of particulate matter contamination in cell therapy products. We introduced SuperQuality (SQ) labware made with high-quality standards to diminish the particulate risk that could come from labware.  SQ products are SAL10-6 Sterility Certified and 100% visually inspected at release.  The products are packaged in clean room pack style making for efficient use and to reduce wastage.  Material safety is performed by extractable substances test, combustion tests and cytotoxicity test.

  • The Endotoxin Level Inspection is less than 0.25 EU/mL
  • Inspection report available for each lot.

Product Details

SUMILON™ SuperQuality Labware Series

  • Pipettes are wrapped in triple layers suited for clean rooms allowing easy opening by either pop-through or peel-apart techniques which is ideal for sterile tissue culture applications, especially while wearing thick gloves or latex gloves, as the wrap reduces static cling.
  • The clean room pack style offers an inner liner for the carton as well as a second sealed sleeve over each inner package.
  • The clean room pack style eliminates the need for alcohol wipe downs and similar procedures required in clean room production facilities
  • Plastic clear wrap allows full view of the pipets
  • Unique color-coded magnifying stripe for easier meniscus viewing.
  • Sterile, individually wrapped, nonpyrogenic
  • Lot numbers printed on each pipet wrapper
  • Negative graduations provide added capacity
  • A unique anti-drip tip reduces accidental drips and ensures accurate delivery
  • Calibrated to deliver (TD-EX 20ºC) their contents with blowout.

SUMILON™ SuperQuality Labware Pricing & Ordering Information

Appearance Inspection

We are the first in the industry to set criteria (<0.2mm2) for particulate control.

Material Safety

Extractable substances test, Combustion tests, Cytotoxicity test are carried. CoAs can also be issued.

Sterility Certified

Sterilization is carried out by irradiating established doses based on ISO 11137 (JIS T0806).

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Voices from Academic and Industrial Users

“SQ is assured of material safety.”

“SQ products are by far cleaner than other companies’ products.”

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