Analytical Services To Support Bioprocessing

GlycanMAP® Xpress Assay

  • A streamlined version of our GlycanMap® assay – optimized for screening N-glycans in large sample batches during cell line selection, upstream and downstream process development
  • Compatible with MAbs and other glycoproteins, either in purified form or in serum-free media
  • Suitable for glycoform analysis in all mammalian systems and in engineered systems producing PNGase F susceptible glycans
  • Automated report with glycan composition and quantity (in µM) for glycans comprising > 0.5% of total glycan

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GlycanMAP® Assay

  • Applicable to both N– and O-linked glycans
  • Capable of detecting low abundance glycans (< 0.5% of total glycan)
  • Detailed report with analysis and interpretation of results, including optional glycan synthetic pathway analysis

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