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High-Throughput 3D Tumor Spheroid Screening Method for Cancer Drug Discovery Using Celigo Image Cytometry.

AUTHOR: Sarah Kessel, JOURNAL: Journal of laboratory automation YEAR: 2016
S-BIO PRODUCT(S): PrimeSurface, APPLICATION: High-throughput screening by Image cytometry , CELL TYPES: Glioblastoma: U87MG

Glioblastoma: U87MG, high-throughput screening by Image cytometry, Spheroid and Cell Viability Spheroid Size and Adherent Cell Confluence Measurement, Fluorescent Staining Celigo Image Cytometer, 3D tumor spheroid, spheroid size, spheroid viability, glioblastoma, high-throughput screening, image cytometry, Celigo, 17-AAG paclitaxel TMZ doxorubicin(DOX), MS-9384U

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