Affinity separation beads for proteins and DNA

Good for the effective affinity separation using your own ligands.

The Affinity beads kit content: affinity beads, buffer for protein immobilization, solution for quenching active groups and protocol.

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  • Advantage of Affinity Beads Kit
    • Ease-of-use to make your specific affinity beads (beads can be sedimented by a table centrifuge)
    • Without activation steps, your ligands that have amino groups can be immobilized by covalent binding
  • Advantage of obtained affinity beads
    • High ligand binding capacity and low non-specific binding can produce an excellent signal / noise ratio
    • No need for blocking steps by BSA etc. to reduce non-specific adsorption


  • 5mg Anti-CRP immobilized affinity beads
  • Specimen :1mL of 1.3μg/mL HRP labeled Anti-mouse IgG


Ⅰ: Anti-CRP immobilized beads

Ⅱ: Control: Ligand free, active groups are quenched.

Affinity beads kit : blocking free

A company’s beads: blocking by 1% BSA/PBS solution