Affinity Beads

Affinity separation beads for proteins and DNA

Good for the effective affinity separation using your own ligands.

The Affinity beads kit content: affinity beads, buffer for protein immobilization, solution for quenching active groups and protocol.

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ELISA plate: Avidin coated plate (Blocking-less type)

The plate surface was treated by the unique polymer to block non-specific binding of biological molecules. Without the blocking step, high sensitive immunoassay and hybridization assay can be constructed.

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The microfluidics chip is a device that integrates several laboratory functions on a small chip.

Advantage of Microfluidics chip

  • Low volumes consumption, a single drop of blood
  • Faster reaction and analysis
  • Multifunction in a chip
  • Lower fabrication costs
  • Compactness of the system
  • We provide rapid translation of design concepts into working prototypes and small or large-scale manufacturing.
  • Suitable for point of care testing

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Custom Array Services

  • We can provide various types of custom microarray made with our original plastic substrate.
  • Using our original substrate treated with unique polymer material, non-specific binding of biomolecules onto the surface is drastically prevented.
  • Several types of polymer coated slides are available, and we can design new material with the needs of customers.
  • Designed polymer materials are applicable to the

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