The microfluidics chip is a device that integrates several laboratory functions on a small chip.

Advantage of Microfluidics chip

  • Low volumes consumption, a single drop of blood
  • Faster reaction and analysis
  • Multifunction in a chip
  • Lower fabrication costs
  • Compactness of the system
  • Suitable for point of care testing

We provide rapid translation of design concepts into working prototypes and small or large-scale manufacturing.


  • From concept to mass production
    • Rapid prototyping by precise milling process
    • Low cost manufacturing by automated production line in clean room
  • Original Lab-on-a-Chip processing
    • Unique lamination without an adhesion layer
    • Precision and accuracy channel form
    • Channel surface functionalization by our polymer coating
  • Microfluidics integration
    • PCR
    • Electrode printing for electrophoresis
    • Blood cell removal filter
    • Packaging chemical reagent

Example of microfluidic chip for Blood cell Separation:


S-BIO provide custom-made product depending on your requirements!

Our experience in designing, trail production, bulk production and quality control is unsurpassed.

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