The plate surface was treated by the unique polymer to block non-specific binding of biological molecules. Without the blocking step, high sensitive immunoassay and hybridization assay can be constructed.

1. Blocking steps and blocking reagents are not required

2. High capability of biotin immobilization:



Comparison of biotin- HRP binding capacity on Avidin plate. The amount of bound biotin-HRP was measured by HRP activity. Avidin Plate (blocking-less type) showed higher capabilities of biotin-HRP than competitor products.

3. Very Low Background



Comparison of non-specific binding. The amount of non-specific binding was examined using three HRP labeled proteins (BSA, mouse IgG, Streptavidin).

Avidin Plate (blocking-less type) showed the lowest background irrespective of proteins.

  • Immunoassays using biotin labeled antibody or other ligand
  • DNA/RNA hybridization assay using biotin labeled oligonucleotide

We also provide regular Blocking-less type ELISA plates (without avidin coated) which has good performance in blocking non-specific binding of biological molecules.